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Hotel Minibar Management Advertising & Subscription Invoicing Legacy Billing System Reporting
Grants Management Customer aggregation from multiple sources Revenue accounting (deferred, etc.)
Unapplied cash and refund processing Inventory Management Royalty Management
Shipping Management Project Budgeting - AP PO&Invoice tracking CRM
Prospecting & List Generation Document Generation and Tracking  Data Warehouse for multiple billing systems


Credit Card Merchant Services


Prospecting Pricing Compensation Fraud & Risk Management
Sales Workflow Underwriting & Audit Document Generation and Tracking Financial/Executive Reporting
CRM & Merchant Attrition Merchant Setup Merchant Web Application Processor Feed


Bankruptcy & Private Funds


CRM Call Center Management Due Diligence & Workflow management Bid Management
Productivity Tracking Commissions Document Generation/Tracking Financial/Executive Reporting




CRM Prospecting - Lead management Invoicing
Customer Identification & Aggregation Collections - Finance Aggregate Reporting 

We specialize in bringing together large, legacy data sets (both financial & customer) from multiple sources and aggregating them in an intelligible, sane warehouse that executives can use themselves. We do not interfere with the functioning of legacy system. Their audit-worthy monthly closes can continue to exist, so auditors have it both ways: the long-approved report continues to exist, while Galicorp provides very fast ad-hoc queries, to provide them with drill-down, and double-checking.


Some Further Features

Invoicing and Transaction Management

•  Reconciliation with original billing system

•  Data-Refresh with master or auxiliary billing systems up to every 30 minute intervals

•  Unlimited number of invoice formats


•  Real-time, dynamic aging screens.

•  Statement generation like invoicing , for both bill-to and ship-to clients.

Shipping Support and Logistics

•  Automated routing of shipping data to carrier-specific shipping files based on customer's business rules.

•  Shipper-compliant label and bar code generation

•  Freeze product based on production requirements or inventory (inventory management system also available)


Marketing List Sales Generation

•  Draw from any internal customer database or GaliTool itself

•  Draw from and flag purchased lists

•  Flag customers as Do Not Call, Email, Fax, Mail specific to destination state.

•  Query on virtually any demographic data

•  Remove list duplicates with multiple matching methods, custom at client specification


Refund and Unapplied Cash Management

•  Query refunds and unapplied cash

•  Resolve unapplied cash or convert to refund

•  Manage customer form letters and accounts payable forms and reports

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