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Ennio Galiani: (818) 972-2620 ennio@elaginc.com Resume

Ennio began programming at age 12 (1976), and has remained in the software industry throughout his professional career. When the possibility of a distinguished career as a software engineer/operating and embedded system programmer presented itself, he realized that his family's corporate background made him a natural problem-solver. He discovered that providing a strong solution - and therein the notion of service - was more rewarding than technical accomplishment for its own sake.ELAG is the organizational culmination of Ennio's experience in business: 25 years, 6 Fortune 50s, United Nations, 3 Continents and a dozen industries. The commonalities he saw in workflow, operation, paper & document management distribution, information retrieval etc. led him to the implementation philosophy outlined on this site.


Abbreviated Client List

Club Minibar Inc.

Argo Partners Inc. - Bankruptcy Trade Claims

Sourcemedia (formerly Thomson Media) - Financial Trade Publishing

Accuity (formerly TFP) - Bank Directory Publishing, ABA/SWIFT Registrar, SBA/DHS Service Bureau





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